Monday, November 23, 2020

Things to Know When Getting Fitted for a Custom Breast Form

Buying a custom breast form, along with a mastectomy bras Charlotte, can be a nerve-wracking time, although it is a simple process that usually goes very smoothly. Here’s a look at some important things to know when getting fitted for a custom breast form.

Schedule a fitting at the right time

It is important to wait for all of your swelling to go away before scheduling your fitting. The accepted wait time after surgery is generally about five to six weeks. That time could be subject to change based on how the healing process has gone and the specific mastectomy type that was done. It is important that your measurements are accurate, so don’t be too hasty in getting your custom breast form.

Dress the part

To best gauge how your new breast form will look, try wearing a top that fits snugly. It is also recommended that you avoid a top with too many designs. You want to be able to see how your breast form looks from a proportional perspective and tighter top will provide you with a good view. Also, keep in mind that your custom breast forms are going to be worn with your normal wardrobe so don’t go out and buy something out of the ordinary for this occasion.

Find the right fit

The first and foremost priority when buying a custom breast form is making sure it fits properly.  This will not only help with your lifestyle, but it also has health benefits. Your spine will remain in alignment and your shoulders will be balanced. The proper fit will also keep your bra from being loose or moving around. Also, remember that most insurance companies will not pay for another breast form if the first one was sized incorrectly.

Insurance will pay

Paying for your custom breast form can be done through the use of insurance. On average, most insurance companies will foot the bill for one breast form every two years for unilateral patients. When it comes to bilateral patients, insurance companies typically pay for two breast forms every two years. Using an insurance policy will also require a prescription, so make sure you bring that with you.

Unique Boutique can make your Charlotte breast forms fitting a quick and efficient process. Our customers are a top priority, which is why our team does everything in our power to make this experience a smooth one.