Monday, December 28, 2020

How Long Will a Custom Breast Form Last With Proper Care

Buying a custom breast form is not an everyday purchase for women, so it is important to maintain the proper care in order to extend its life span. Here is a closer look at how long women can expect a custom breast form to last and how to ensure that it does stand up to the test of time.

time passes as woman enjoys her custom breast form and post-mastectomy apparel
Custom breast forms NC are made to withstand the demands of everyday life. The appropriate care will typically allow custom breast forms to last anywhere from 1-2 years. Part of that appropriate care includes a daily washing after each time it is used. When custom breast forms are not being worn, they should be stored in the appropriate place, such as its own box or mesh bag. This will not only keep it protected, but it will also help keep its shape.

Warmer weather also comes with a specific standard of care for custom breast forms. Activity in summer months, or hot weather altogether, can cause an excess amount of perspiration. But there are ways to make a custom breast form more comfortable in the heat, and Unique Boutique can help.

Wearing a custom breast form inside a bra pocket will actually keep it off of the skin. The extra amount of ventilation will work to reduce perspiration. Meanwhile, custom breast forms that are lighter in weight tend to feel a bit cooler. Purchasing a quality mastectomy bra will also help lengthen the life of custom breast forms and keep them from having a tendency to rest on the skin. Remember that a buildup of moisture can irritate skin.

It is important to note that should a custom breast form be punctured, it is not repairable. Be careful when wearing pins or broaches as that could inadvertently puncture your custom breast form and leave you shopping for a new one. To get the most life out of your custom breast form, keep them free from any oils, perfumes or talcum powder. These substances can be damaging over the course of time and it is recommended that they do not come in contact with custom breast forms, especially on a continual basis.

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