Monday, February 22, 2021

Advantages of a Mastectomy Bra

Mastectomy bras are made differently from other bras. They are constructed with a cup area that has stretch pockets built into the bra which holds breast forms securely in place. This provides a number of advantages for women of all lifestyles.


Balance is a major function of a mastectomy bra and that is important for posture. A mastectomy bra will help women get used to wearing a custom breast form. The fact that it will hold it firmly in place will not leave women slouching or having to droop their shoulders. Not having to compensate for one side of their body will maintain good overall posture and also help women with their sense of balance.


After surgery, women are left with scars and wounds, which are protected with a mastectomy bra. That means that women can get back out and do the things they love to do without having to worry. The design of mastectomy bras is done in a way that provides more support than an ordinary bra, which aid in overall protection.


Wearing a mastectomy bra can help decrease the chances of incurring any back problems. The design and function also aims to reduce the chances of experiencing any aches in the shoulder area. That extends to the neck as well. Not compensating for the deviation in weight can leave women with pains they never experienced.

breast cancer survivor, race for breast cancer, confidence, mastectomy bra, post mastectomy apparelConfidence

The ability to walk around with confidence stems from a variety of different reasons and one is feeling good about the way a woman looks. Mastectomy bras give women the appearance that nothing has changed and they are still the same woman. The support from a mastectomy bra also allows women to engage in all types of active pastimes.


There is a mastectomy bra for all women as they fall into different categories that include leisure, athletic, full-figure, seamless, lace and more. There are a variety of colors to choose from as well. It makes shopping simple, convenient and enjoyable as women can have an array of mastetcomy bras that suit all different occasions and lifestyles.

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