Monday, April 26, 2021

Activities Women Can Keep On Doing with Custom Breast Forms

Once you purchase your custom breast form, a breast prosthesis, life will go on just as it did in the past. All the activities women previously enjoyed can be an everyday part of their lives once again. Here is a look at some activities women can keep on doing with their custom breast forms.


There is a significant amount of impact in the act of jogging and running. That constant force requires a breast form that clings firmly to your chest wall. Not all movement will be eliminated during running, but it will be minimized enough to the point where you can enjoy your runs. This is not the only high-impact activity that women can do with breast forms, as it also applies to aerobic workouts and other types of cardio.

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Yoga and Pilates

These two activities are excellent following a mastectomy as they can be adapted to rebuild the movement and flexibility in the shoulders and chest. This is also an excellent way to alleviate stress and improve overall flexibility. The natural feel of custom breast forms allows for natural movements which suit all different kinds of positions used in yoga and Pilates. It is always a good idea to wane back in with the use of simple poses at first and then making your back into more advanced ones.


Exercising in water can make some women nervous about their custom breast forms. However, custom breast forms are made to withstand water while many ordinary breast forms are not waterproof. The seal on custom breast forms prevents any water from being absorbed. There is no reason to worry when enjoying a day at the pool or beach with custom breast forms.


This activity does not always have to take place outdoors as an indoor spin class also involves the use of a bike. The comfort level of a custom breast form will allow you to enjoy this activity and not worry about discomfort or any restriction of movement. Even mountain biking on rocky surfaces can be done with ease while wearing your new custom breast form.

Unique Boutique has a wide selection of custom breast forms that will suit every woman’s lifestyle needs. All the activities you have enjoyed in the past will bring you the same amount of enjoyment with the custom breast form of your choosing. For the best in Charlotte custom breast forms, check out and our store today.